Review on RESP Financial Company

Knowledge First Financial is a rebranded RESP company which had been started in 1965 with the motto of improvising their market image. It’s nothing but scholarship plan rebuilding company that promotes students or people with enormous talent. This company got transformed with their new ad which has obviously raised company’s image. There are few companies that provide exceeding expectations and this company is of course, one among them. Their mission is quite simple .Their prime objective is to provide an education for Canadians and by doing so they want to get recognized as leader as supreme leader in providing educational savings for their children. Now let’s see a detailed review of this company.

Company’s Agenda which proves their uniqueness:

As we can see from company’s growth plan it gives first preference to knowledge. Company’s agenda is very simple and efficient. They have many objectives and one of the important one is becoming top RESP retailer in their own country. Company’s name was modified in such a way that their agenda looked clear without going through their brochures.

Hopkinson once said that he wanted something distinctive, more than initials, for better recognition and that’s the reason he came up with this name. The name Knowledge First Financial Reviews shows that there is little stuff which company would give more importance than any other condition’s and they are as follows:

Customer is the person to whom importance is given at its peak and they do so because coz good talents should never be wasted.

There are no transparencies present here and honesty is spontaneous over here and are very reliable.

As we can see it is the result that gives us the edge and hence they make sure to achieve better results as it is their prime objective.

Combined effort towards a particular task will always fetch you success. They make sure that they have common objective and also care is taken so that they don’t get deviated from what they are supposed to do.


This company has been absolutely great and are very secure in assets like government bonds and they’ve also proved be marvellous return of six percent over a decade.. Offering Individual and Group RESPs this financial company is about to introduce their newest, complementary product, and overall the second phase of its rebranding transformation, called the Flex First Plan. The Flex First Plan is a just a shift from the original group plan that offers more flexibility and a loyalty bonus up to 9.5 per cent of the total contribution. Amazing Flex First Plan investment has been absolutely great with a one-year return for the Flex First investment portfolio of 6.2% as at October 31, 2016.Flex First Plan has shown such an fabulous growth and thus it’s assets are going to be increased by 40% to whopping 61 million dollar.


The people over there are kind-hearted and knowledgeable persons.

Workers tend to create a positive environment.

To relieve from stress different and fun packed events are created often.

They do literally everything to promote from within as much as they can.

Quarterly meetings are conducted with CEO presence to find out actions that has been undertaken by various departments.

They also make sure that there are trained faculties in all departments.




Workload is very high at times.

Sometimes due to stress factors managing various tasks becomes tough in a large environment.

Socialization is more hence at times deviation looks more.

Final Verdict:

It’s very tough to come across financial company like these nowadays. So seize the opportunity and try to utilize it at fullest. The bottom line is this sophisticated company is one of a kind and it’s you wanna join to enlighten your future.