Send Your Parcel to Portugal at an Almost-Free Price

People who want to send parcels to Portugal from UK can now do at very affordable prices. Courier point has equipped itself with the necessary tools and features to ensure that it delivers parcels both to the modern cities and remote areas of Portugal. Portugal is known to be member of the European Union which means people can buy goods in UK and export them tax-free. But even as you buy them tax-free, you need cheap shipping services to ensure that you don’t spend a lot of money. This is why you use the large international parcel delivery service provider which is courier point. Its charges are a half of those of its competitors.

Reasons Why Courier Point is the Best

They are very economical by charging very less amounts which is good for those sending commercial parcels because they would be able to sell their products at very low prices and still make profits. You can send a parcel to Portugal through a lot of shipping means that fit your parcel needs. You can calculate your quote easily by filling in the details regarding your parcels so that you know the possible charge of your cargo. In the major cities, it would take 1-2 days for delivery to be made but in the remote areas, a maximum of three days is expected before the product is delivered. It can handle large number of parcels including parcels that measure up to 2.7 meters tall.

Safety Assurance on Goods

Before your parcels are collected by the drivers from your home for shipping, it is advised that you wrap them in strong, double or triple walled boxes to ensure that they don’t get damaged even when they come across extreme shaking forces. Large international parcel delivery service provider is insured so your goods would be covered against any form of damage. Courier point want to ensure that everything is okay from handling, shipping to charges so that people can have satisfactory business with it. To ensure that your goods do not get lost, a tracking system is available so that you know where your parcel has and arrange for collection. Always put postal code of the place where you would the parcel to be delivered to avoid confusing the dispatching stuff.

The company has experience in shipping parcels internationally; therefore, you can conveniently send a parcel to Portugal and be sure of its delivery. Previously served customers have acknowledged courier point to be the best because of its cheapness and quickness. With as low as £14.35, you can send parcel to Portugal.