Seven Tips to Design the Best ID Cards for Your Employees

ID card designs are no longer as they used to be. Those days, they were just unattractively printed on papers and laminated using a thin film. These days, identity cards are designed to be beautiful and colorful. It’s more like a competition of attraction.

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Employee identity cards are a way of keeping track and properly monitoring the activities of all recognized members of staff of an organization. It is a very easy way of recognizing the names and complete identity of an employee. It helps you identify the unit and department a person works out of and makes it easy for everyone in an organization to recognize each other and get along. Identity cards are carried around by using lanyards which are worn around the neck. Lanyards generally make it easy to move about with an identity card or a bunch of keys. Lanyards are sold in shops and kiosks. They can also be purchased online and delivered to your doorstep. Lanyards next day delivery UK services are a prompt way of buying lanyards, especially in large quantity.

How should an employee identity card be designed?

An employee identity card must have a catchy and attractive design. It must be colorful albeit the color of the identity card should not be different from the official color of the organization or brand. A good employee identity card must also have the logo of the company on it. Without this, the entire design may be meaningless. Below are some important tips for designing an employee identity card.

  1. Use good font and graphics: You have to bear in mind that an employee identity card is now a crucial part of your company’s brand and image. Therefore, the layout of employee ID cards must match the organization’s lofty standard.
  1. Decide on a portrait or landscape layout: This is usually determined by the contents of the identity card and how much space you have to work with. However, the ultimate decision should be based on how best the identity card will be displayed.
  1. Understand the unique needs of the brand: This is very crucial since companies now use identity cards as a tool for promoting their brands. You have to understand the specific needs of the company and the security features that would be required on the card.
  1. Are there compliance requirements: Generally, government identity cards have a template they must follow. However, if your company has no required identity card pattern, you can simply pick from a wide variety of designs from a design software
  1. How much visual security is required? : You must include features that will help prevent your identity card design from being duplicated. Holographic security, proximity antennae, magnetic stripes, and biometric authentication can do the job.
  1. Use the right type of printer: The type of printer you choose largely depends on the type of final finish you want. There are different printers for different jobs. If you are more concerned about the quality of image and graphics, the kind of printer to select is different from what you use if your card has magnetic stripe design.
  1. Test the overall quality of the job done before producing in large quantity: You must welcome opinion on your ID card design and hear what people think before heading to the factory for mass production. Take criticism on the chin and correct the errors that have been pointed at you. Also, you must ensure you do not leave out any important detail, and more crucially, you have to be sure the name of the identity card bearer is properly spelled.

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Identity cards are a part of how people see an organization. Hence, they must be presented in a way that is pleasant to the eye. Every stage of design requires carefulness and must be meticulously thought out.