Shelving Melbourne How to Style Your Book Shelves

Shelving Melbourne: How to Style Your Book Shelves

People like having a lot of things. The idea of collecting is not just a more glamorous version of hoarding.  Shelving is more about keeping items that you add value to your life. Practical or sentimental, everyone has a few items they love having around. The problem is when there are too many items.

They can’t all be scattered on floors or tables. It may seem obvious, but pointing the solution out helps more than we can imagine. Bookshelves are a great way to declutter and organize your items. Shelving is so vital that big businesses utilize it. If you need better warehouse storage check out warehouse pallet racking Melbourne to see how it can help. However, for your personal needs here some ways to Style your Bookshelf.

  1. Know Where your Shelf is Going

People should consider where the shelf is going. If it is going into a garage, then a fancy white shelf will not only be out of place but also incredibly dirty. There is also a matter of size; your shelf is supposed to create space. So, a wide bookshelf has no place in a small bedroom that can only accommodate a bed and table. Bettergo for a single column shelf instead.

When shelving Melbourne, another thing to look at are the types of shelves. There is more than one type after all. If you have more room a more classic bookshelf would do. Others choose a wall mounted one to maximize space. Then, there are those that go with shorter ones with just a couple of rows to squeeze in a bit more shelf space.

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  1. Use Unconventional Items

Do not be constricted to just books. The practice of shelving Melbourne is to use storage for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Put a vase with a flower on your shelf, if you are feeling a bit more adventurous why not place a diorama or even action figures. Shelves are versatile and can do a lot for shelving when you start thinking outside the box.

Shelves can be a good place to store glasses, teacups, even actual tea (granted it is in the proper container). Adding more peculiar items creaks the monotony of a bookshelf. If you are sentimental, you can select a portion of the shelf for family portraits and things like that.

  1. Know the Shelf and What You Will Put in

The first two tips are simple principles to remember. One is to be practical about the shelf you will use. The other is adding more life and excitement thus actually stylingthe shelf. However, to effectively do those things you need to have a picture of how you want your shelf to look.

For example, for a more sentimental shelf, you can place photo albums in between a couple of framed photos to look like bookends. You can be thematic or eccentric with it, but there has to be a vision. Because if you approach it all scattered, you might end up with more clutter.