Simple Tips for Custom Shipping Boxes

Custom shipping boxes are the revolutionary product that offers   the benefit of convenient packing for events like shifting, moving or even shipping products for commercial purposes. With custom shipping companies offering storage and packing services, you can easily be sorted. However, when you are getting the packing done you should look for certain provisions, especially customization can help you to minimize hassles.

Check for specifications

Box the item to be stored in the storage units, as the unboxed goods are exposed to dirt and dust. Label the boxes for identification purposes. If you are not sure about the storage unit sizes, then it would be better that you avoid storing heavy and breakable items. Look for custom shipping boxes that suits your requirements in terms of weight, material, etc. Do not seal the good with plastic bags as this would cause the humidity to form mildew. Also, make it a point to store them in a safe place to avoid damage to the boxes. Disassemble things, to acquire more space, label the boxes with texts like fragile, non-fragile or handle with care.

Adhering to the norms of custom shipping boxes

All financial papers, photos, assets, such as insurance papers, bank checks, legal certificates, documents, passports, wills etc. should be transported personally. Valuable items like coins, jewelries, family and historical records should not be transported via these storage facilities. Cash, debt evidences, personal documents, prescriptions, securities, furs, family photos, etc. should be secured properly in safety boxes during the moving process or kept in the storage units that are bonded. Preparation of estimation of all the items with their replacement values, keeping the policies of insurance intact is as essential. This is done to prevent damages that may occur to any of the shipping units. So, do not pack items that don’t adhere to the norms of custom shipping boxes.

When you are investing on the custom shipping boxes then it would be appropriate to invest on boxes and materials for packing that are sturdy and of good quality. Small sized boxes would be good because then items can be securely stacked in the storage units and offers better scope for space management.

Avoid storage of wet items as it may get damaged due to moisture and can develop mildews and molds on the items. Care must be taken of big appliances while storing them in the shipping units. For instance, when shipping a refrigerator, do not forget to defrost it, else there might be the occurrence of water damage. Doors should be tied to halt the formation of condensation and avoid the occurrence of bad odor. Drain the washing machine prior to the storage and also close the water hoses. Always keep the appliances clean prior to the storage and keep in mind that they are completely dry

  • Wrap up the fragile goods separately, either with paper or with bubble wrap
  • Clothes should be stored in boxes or wardrobe
  • Wrap and protect all pictures and mirrors in bubble wrap and always store them right at the end
  • Coat all metal items with oils, so as to prevent the formation of rust

These are a few points that one needs to keep in mind before storing custom shipping boxes and there are many companies that would also assist you with the packing and storage process; they would also provide you with solution if you are facing with any kind of issues. And finally, do remember that with the options of customization you can reduce your overall costs and also ensure better packaging for your products.