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Singapore’s outbound property investments hit record in 2017

Over the last 10 years or so Singapore has really established itself as one of the major hubs of business, finance, and investment on a global scale.

Singapore has always had a reputation for being friendly to businesses (both those built in Singapore as well as those built by outsiders), with a government that loves business, favors economic growth and expansion, and has done absolutely everything possible to become as favorable a hotspot for global commerce as humanly possible.

This has helped Singapore to attract a flood of wealth (particularly recently, with the growth of the Southeast Asian market), but it’s also helped Singapore to invest that economic growth and wealth overseas.

According to investment reports released in 2017, outside and overseas investment by Singapore-based operations rose by nearly 40%. A total of $28.4 billion (US) was invested by Singapore overseas – particularly in overseas real estate – and this number is expected to continue to grow in the years to come in ways that most economists couldn’t have expected or anticipated previously.

The Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) GIC in Singapore was a major driver of this outside investment. This organization had a major role in three of the largest outbound real estate investment deals throughout 2017 – deals responsible for moving literally billions and billions of dollars of Singapore money overseas, with the potential for outsized returns that can reshape and remold the features of these investors.

A significant portion of money was invested in stabilized properties throughout Southeast Asia, in the United States, in China as well as France, and even in Australia and India. India and Malaysia in particular have seen a significant flood of new investment from Singapore, as this nation looks to capitalize on the explosive growth that these emerging economies are likely to bring to the table.

 property investments

At the same time, Singapore investors have also been committing to undeveloped land deals as part of these property investments as well. This is seen as a more “future proof” kind of investment, and investment that has the opportunity to pay off years and years down the line. These kinds of investments are showing outsiders that Singapore isn’t just looking to cash in on an uptick in the global economy right now, but is also looking to establish themselves for decades and decades into the future, too.

It’s this kind of global and future focused approach to outside investment that Singapore investors are leveraging that have so many individuals and organizations around the world paying close attention to the moves that are being made.

This is all part of the “grand plan” that Singapore has been moving towards as a nation for the past few decades, a grand plan that has always been about cementing their place at the top of the global financial community alongside more traditional titans of industry and commerce.

These are incredibly exciting times for the people of Singapore, especially investors that are getting in on the action during this time of rapid investment, and it’s going to be exciting to see the type of fruit that these investments bear out moving forward.

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