Specialty Insurance Lines

Insurance is one area of business which has seen incredible growth over the past ten years.  There are several reasons for this.  One of them is that the increase in negligence and other civil lawsuits has made it necessary for individuals to take out additional insurance policies to protect themselves and their belongings from expensive cases.  Even a case which you win can cost a small fortune in legal fees; without insurance these costs can easily be crippling.

The other main factor is the increase in different, or specialist risks.  This is generally agreed to be a result of an increase in specific incidents; some of which are natural, whilst others are manmade.

The range of policies available is easily apparent if you visit sites such as Superior Access Insurance Services, Inc which provide insurance services to brokers; who in turn provide the insurance you need on a personal level.

Types of Specialty insurance

There are many different times when you will need a specific policy to cover a specific risk; often these are short term policies.  However, a specialty insurance policy can cover absolutely anything, from a celebrity insuring their hands to UFO insurance.


You may be planning a holiday in the sun in Europe or a trip on the ski slopes.  Travel insurance is a short term policy which is specifically designed to cover your destination and the risks associated with it.  There are a very different set of risks involved in skiing to lying on the beach!  This type of insurance also covers financial costs of being brought home in the event of an emergency or medical issue.  You may even be subject to delays or need to cancel your holiday; the insurance will ensure you are not out of pocket.



This is supposed to be one of the biggest days of your life and is often one of the most expensive.  There are hundreds of small details which can go wrong and some larger ones; such as a no show or the venue being destroyed by fire.  The right policy will ensure that, should the worst happen, you are able to re-plan the wedding and do it properly the next time!

Jet Ski

These water vehicles are exceptionally powerful and often difficult to secure.  They are also generally used by lots of different people.  This type of insurance is essential as it protects against the damage done to other property of third parties in the event of a collision.  You will also appreciate the cover for theft and vandalism


If you have any particularly expensive items of jewelry then they are unlikely to be covered by your standard household policy.  Instead you should have all the items professional appraised and insured on their own policy.  You will then be able to replace them if anything ever happens to them.


Many people own pets and enjoying the company they provide.  However, if your pet falls ill or is involved in an accident the vet’s bills can quickly mount up.  You may be left having to put down a loved pet simply because you cannot afford the bills.  A good pet policy will ensure this does not happen as it will cover all the treatment and even the ongoing care costs.