Steps to Market Your Product via Email

Have you ever try to share products on social media? If you did it, you become yourself a brand advocate that is you are so much willing to tell about a great product to the world. It takes so much time and intent action from the brand for an audience to reach that level.

To learn about a brand or product, the customer should know about the four-part of the lifecycle.

Realization – Customer learns about the brand and products.

Acquisition – Customer purchase product.

Communication – Brand growth communication with the customer.

Retention – Brand retains a customer into a loyal one.

  1. Realization

The first step is to make awareness, in this phase people, become aware of your brand and products and they may expect to begin offers. When a customer reaches this stage, a brand should discover subscribers to evaluate their products. Most of all this is the excellent time to send email to your customer’s inbox about to explain the positive side of your products.

During this phase you could also send:

Link to Relevant Products – Send an email with CTA that directs the customer to articles about the benefits of products.

  1. Acquisition

Once the customer gets enough knowledge about your products, it is time to stimulate for purchase. Nothing encourages a sale like discounts and offers, so consider offering or promotions via email marketing. Additionally, add some catching subjects to lines to make it more personalized email. A customized email can earn 26% more revenue than a standard one.

During this phase, you could also send

Shipping Offers – if offering 25% the product of the realistic, try to provide them with free shipping and it is most incentive during this phase.

  1. Communication

Once a purchase is made with a customer, it’s time to develop a sweet, full relationship. Your main aim is to gain some long-term loyal customer, then who make a purchase once and move on. To engage them you must send email on a regular basis. You can communicate about the product information and upgrade on the regular email.

During this phase you could send:

Give Assistance – Ask a customer about their recent purchase and tell them to give an honest review of your products. And also you can drop a link to your customer support if they need assistance.

  1. Retention

Once you have got a relationship, you need to encourage it. During this phase, a brand should do make every effect to keep subscribers to come back. Focusing an old customer gives five times more effective than attract new customers. When you are trying to retain customers, it’s not all about selling but you have to build strong relationships with customers.

During this phase you could send:

Incentives – Divide or segment your email marketing list and give some groups incentives to buy again. For example, you can provide offers with the most active online customer with a gift or coupons with a minimum or maximum purchase.