The biggest infrastructure debt companies in the world

Macquarie infrastructure and real assets

Macquarie infrastructure and real assets for short MIRA takes top position as the biggest infrastructure in the world. It is constantly growing in real estate, energy and agriculture management. The history dates back over 20 years and today they retain the same focus of ensuring the portfolio companies success as well as those that they serve. In the long term their aims are to build sustainable value to continue their world renowned success.

At present they have $136 billion worth of assets kept for pension, sovereign, insurance and other investment companies. They have teams to different regions that consist of both financial and operational experts that manage the most diverse portfolios in real estate.

Brookfield Asset Management

Brookfield Asset Management come in second and are leaders in global alternative asset management.  Their long term goal is to generate long term adjusted returns for their clients and those that hold shares. They manage both private and public investments in products and services and get their income by aligning their interests with their clients. They have already invested almost $30 billion into primarily property, infrastructure and energy worldwide.

Global Infrastructure Partners

Global Infrastructure Partners abbreviated as GIP are independent fund managers that use their expertise and practices to succeed. They make their investments in energy, transportation, waste rand waste sectors using their strong partnerships to help their clients make sound investments. At present they manage around $35 billion as well as having more than $5 billion annual revenue. They also have credit solutions known as GIP CAPS that are for non-equity investments. This allows them to use multiple entry points in capital stack.

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board abbreviated as CPPIB is a professional organization investing in Canada Pension Plan assets that not being used to pay for disability and pensions. The aim is to make sure that there is a foundation for the 19 million Canadians paying into the plan to have the security they need when they retire. The investment objective is to make sure that returns are maximised without high risk of loss by using a strategy to capitalize on their comparative advantages. Over 10 years they have invested $142 billion into the scheme and offer the pension holders 7.3% returns over the same time period. The latest investment was £240 million into a Wembley Park Development Facility.

APG Investment Management

APG currently manages around 4.5 million citizens for their clients. This equates to around 1 person per 5 families in the collective scheme. The system is based on the AOW state pension, the pension fund and supplementary insurance policies. The subsidiaries are in New York and Hong Kong ensuring that any large scale investments overseas are overseen by both local networks with the benefit of expertise from abroad. Over 5 years they had a formed capital total of $7.8 billion which is what puts them into fourth place in the biggest infrastructure debt companies in the world.