The Chairman of AGF, Blake Goldring

Blake Charles Goldring, the Chairman and the CEO of one of the best management firms in Canada; AGF management is a leading business leader in the country. He is a great entrepreneur, who took after his father as the Chief Executive Officer in their family run business, AGF management Limited. He is also a philanthropist for various organizations.

Under Blake Goldring AGF guidance, the Canadian based autonomous investment Management organization has performed really well and gained a lot or industrial and retail investors. He started as the Chairman of AGF Management Limited in 2006 and since then he had brought in many Canadian leaders and powerful persons together to extend their support to the military of Canada and the families of diseased soldiers.

He is the eldest son in his family and hailed from Toronto in Canada. His parents are C.Warren Goldring and Barbara Goldring, one of the wealthiest families in Toronto. He spent his early years in Toronto and also did his schoolings in the same city. He then took to France during his college days to get a degree in Business Administration. He received his MBA graduation in France and then moved back to Toronto for his love for finances and management.

He was very determined to be a great marketer from a young age. He started out his schooling at St. Andrew’s Junior High along with his siblings and then continued to York Mills Collegiate Institute in Toronto for a specialized education. His undeterred interest in financial management encouraged him to take up a Bachelor’s degree in the field of Economics. After his graduation from the Victoria College at the University of Toronto, he enrolled at INSEAD and took to France for getting an MBA degree.

He didn’t just stop with regular educational degrees; he also went on to get additional certification and education as a Chartered Financial Analystduring the year 1996. He also went to the Royal Military College in 2008 and earned a degree in Laws as a Honorary Doctor. He already had much of managerial skills and was elected as the Vice President of AIESEC during his final years of graduation from Victoria College. He continued to serve as the VP for the commerce and economics division of AIESEC and later moved on to be a President of the same at Mc Grill University.

He then went on to join the Bank of Montreal and worked for their corporate and international banking sections. Blake Goldring AGF started out as a successful banker and worked with various other established management professionals before stepping onto AGF in the year 1987. AGF was his father’s company and he joined them as an expert Analyst. He worked for the Japanese Investment sector of their company and excelled in his work. He then went on to become the Chairman of the same, right after his father in the year 2006. His exceptional marketing and management skills have taken him a great way and today he is one of the powerful marketers in Canada.