The cost of Franking Machines- How much does it really cost?

There’s a huge misconception when it comes to franking machine price. It’s assumed that it’s an expensive rental cost, however, when the figures are broken down, it is a different case entirely.

A franking machine comes with certain Royal Mail rates. Standard franking rates, Mailmark rates, and Business Mail Advanced rates offer discounts on every letter and parcel that is sent. All these offers reduce the cost per letter that you’re paying to post as there is a reduced processing time for each letter and parcel. These discounted rates add up quickly, and if you’re sending more than five letters a day, the money saved through these offers will likely cover the cost of renting the franking machine. The franking machine price is usually a rental agreement or lease and can be customized to your individual business needs. Whether your business is low, medium or high volume, there’s a franking machine price perfect for you. These rental agreements also include a maintenance service, which provides technical support via a helpline for any issues with setting up or use of the franking machine, and a service called SWOP IT, which ensures if there is a problem with your franking machine you’re provided with a replacement. Your postage is then calculated through the franking machine for each individual letter or parcel depending on the weight with the discount applied through the Royal Mail offers.

Franking machine price includes more than just the machine and the lowered rates of postage. It also increases the professional image, as it gives you the option of customizing the franking stamps. You’re able to put your company logo onto your post, and include any business or promotional messages alongside, giving you a chance to promote your business on everything that you send. Having a franking machine also means that you don’t have to worry about under or over-paying for your postage. The franking machine has an integrated weighing scale that will give you a correct postage based on the weight of the letter or parcel, saving any wasted money on over-paying for your post, and saves your customers any surprise cost if your parcel is underpaid. Franking takes less time to process than stamping, so has the potential to speed up your delivery times. It also saves time on processing outgoing post, as it can all be done from the office instead of having to take various letters and parcels to your local post office. This time saved can be put into other aspects of the business. It also means that you’re able to send your post 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and do not have to rely on post office hours.

Overall, there are many benefits included in the franking machine price and is lower than originally considered, especially when you factor in the various money saving offers that come alongside the machine.