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The Ideal Structure of Compare & Contrast Essay

The aim of compare and contrast essay writing is to analyze the difference and/or similarities of two well defined subjects. For the starters, the best approach for writing a compare and contrast essay is to compose some drafts which will help them to arrange their ideas in a befitting way. One must see to it that the principle and preamble part of the said essay must coincide and the volume in the essay should be enough to meet the reader’s expectation. Writing this type of essay requires an appropriate structure that will help them to represent their study in a sophisticated manner. If you are unsure about it, you may take a look at this site, they provide resources as well as complete essay writing services.

Structure of Compare and Contrast Essay

This structure is one of the most majorly accepted structures for compare and contrast essay and if you want to impress your readers, make sure to follow the pattern.


The preamble of the essay should be welcoming, fascinating as well as delightful. One of the impressive methods you can use is with a question in preamble, which will be answered in the principal part of essay writing. This method helps to keep a reader interested in the topic right from the beginning. You can also gain the attention of the audience by including some impressive facts about the topic in a brief way. In the introductory part, state the particular things you will be discussing in the principal part, this will set the right tone to the essay.


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The best way to involve a reader in your compare and contrast essay is to state the evidence which does not correspond to known facts. Formulate separate paragraphs for each object or vice versa that will help to discuss different features in separate paragraphs. Use the special linking words to keep readers interested in the topic. Also, give equal weightage to special aspects of the topic and write in an unbiased way.


The conclusive part of the compare and contrast essay should indicate the most impressive and distinguished features of the objects. The writer should make sure that not a single area is left uncovered after summarizing is finished. If something is left out, it will create a bad impression in the mind of a reader and ruin the whole purpose. Make the conclusion well defining, brief and as precise as possible.