The Insider’s Guide to Selecting the Right Local SEO Tools

The Insider’s Guide to Selecting the Right Local SEO Tools

Choosing the right local SEO tools can mean the difference between mediocre and runaway success, especially for small businesses. If you’re curious about the best ways to approach the process of acquiring the tools your company needs, read on to find out how the industry experts make their decisions.

Top Tips for Choosing Your Tools

When you’re preparing to invest in one of the various available local SEO packages, consider these questions as you make your decision:

  • What are the capabilities of your prospective tools? It’s important to know exactly what you’re paying for, as well as what you might be left searching for once your tools are in place.
  • How much do these tools cost? Can you afford them with your current budget? While SEO packages are certainly an investment, they should be purchased with the same conservative approach that all investments are made with in the early years of a small business. If you can’t afford the package you love, consider a small package for the time being.
  • How do these tools work to gather data? The two primary methods of acquiring necessary data are scraping and the use of APIs. Find out which method is used, and determine if this is right for your company’s needs.
  • Are there options for customization? Minimum content packages are likely to need supplementing to fit your brand’s exact needs. Inquire about customization options and costs for these upfront.

The Insider’s Guide to Selecting the Right Local SEO Tools

  • How frequently are these tools updated? What does the update process entail? Will you need to purchase updated material, or do updates come as part of the total, upfront cost of your tools?
  • How is technical or customer support handled? A package of SEO tools isn’t just a program, it’s like a virtual machine with many moving parts. Because of this, you will likely see occasional issues with breakdown in certain areas; how quickly and adequately these issues can be and are addressed in real-world situations is part of what makes them worth your money – or not.
  • Is there additional content available in the way of training for use of these tools? This is especially helpful if available as downloads, videos and other media through the company’s website.
  • Does the provider offer a specific API or application programming interface for their tools? If so, what are the associated fess for usage, and how much access will you and your staff have at this price?

A Few Final Thoughts

Choosing a local SEO packageis all about finding what works for your needs, specifically. While the basics of search engine optimization for business will be present in any package you choose, the exact features you may be searching for will vary in availability. Be sure to find what is as close to your ideal package as possible, and don’t be afraid to inquire about additional modifications and supplemental packages available. What makes SEO work isn’t just the complex coding and programming that completes these tools, but the human minds and eyes by and for which it was designed.