The Many Advantages Of Using Dry Lining.

When we decide that we want to refurbish or build in the UK, we always need to create new spaces that we can utilise more, and in the event we might need to chop and change, either by expanding or contracting. We want the project to be a success, and in Coventry, we don’t want it to cost us an arm and a leg. This is where dry lining becomes the best and most cost effective way to create partition walls, between one space and another.

Quick And Easy.

We generally use plasterboard because it is cheap, light, but it is also sound and fireproofed. It is very suitable for homes and businesses, because it is a quick way to create a new space or room and it is incredibly efficient. All that needs to be done is to create a frame, usually from wood, and then attach the plasterboard to it, and in moments, you have created a new space on your shop floor or in your home. It is also incredibly clean, when you compare it to standard blocks and cement.

No Tracking.

If you use blocks and concrete, then you need to track the wall to hide pipes and wires. This is a time consuming and messy job, and so if you are starting from scratch, ensure that you use a dry lining system. Dry lining systems in Coventry are offered by local office or home refurbishment companies and have been popular for a number of years. In the event that wires or pipes need to be fixed or moved, then it’s as simple as removing the old plasterboard, doing what needs to be done and then replacing it. It’s that simple, clean and easy.

Better Insulation.

You also get better insulation with dry lining as it creates a space between the plasterboard and the frame. This space can then be filled with insulation material that keeps heat in and the cold out. It also acts a great sound barrier when you need some quiet. Less heat leaving the room means lower electricity or oil bills, and who doesn’t want that. It also acts as a great acoustic aid, so if your kid is a guitar player, he or she is gong to sound even better.

Easy To Decorate.

All surfaces can be dry lined, so this building technique allows you to make easy renovations with the minimum of fuss. It’s also easier to decorate with because you can skim the plasterboard to leave you with a smooth, usable surface. You can then apply paint or any kind of wall covering, and it can be used to even-out walls that are out of sync. There are many plaster boards to choose from, including sound-board, fire-board, foil-backed board and aqua-board.

So, if you live in Coventry and have a room in your house or an office that you want to renovate and change, then dry lining is a great way to create that extra room, without the big expense of using block and cement to create it. It’s quick and clean and is available to you now. Look into dry lining, you will be amazed that you did without it for so long.