The Most Amazing Things About Fidentiax Singapore Insurance Marketplace

The Most Amazing Things About Fidentiax Singapore Insurance Marketplace

We all know that Fidentiax is a virtual marketplace for trading insurance policies that is powered by the blockchain technology. We as well know that it’s the first insurance marketplace ever in the world’s history. Those of us who have read more about this blockchain-powered marketplace for trading insurance policies also know that it runs on a responsive, transparent, and reliable platform. However, there is a lot more about Fidentiax, the Singapore insurance marketplace that’s rarely told. Read below to understand the most amazing and less-known facts about this amazing insurance policy marketplace.

Fidentiax Targets The Asian Market Mostly

Fidentiax targets the Asian market. Its design and structure are tailored to those in Asian markets like Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, and Japan. These markets happen to have the largest share of the world’s insurance profits and they are growing at fast speed that is according to the pioneers behind the creation of Fidentiax. This doesn’t mean that the technology is limited to these markets only. There are plans to extend its operations to the US and UK markets with time.

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It’s A Members-Only Platform

To list your insurance policy on the Singapore Insurance marketplace or access the insurance policies offered for sale, you must be a member. This is a members-only insurance policy marketplace. You must sign up and enter your real details to get access to the platform. You must as well pay an annual membership fee to keep your account active. The membership fee is often paid in form of FDX tokens.

It’s Tested and Verified

You may be tempted to think that since it’s a new technology, it’s still under testing and it’s yet to be released for full use. That isn’t the case. It’s fully functional and the insurance policy marketplace is open and working. Some people have already traded in their insurance policies while others have successfully purchased insurance policies. The news about this technology is all over the internet and many of those who have tried it and are giving positive testimonials about it. That said you shouldn’t be in fear when making the decision to buy or sell an insurance policy online with this blockchain-powered system.

It Was Initiated Back In 2016

The birth of Fidentiax happened back in 2016. Its implementation and concept actualization was reified in 2017.  Fidentiax’scrowdsale was then presented in the November of 2017. The formal launching of the Fidentiax membership marketplace happened in February of this year. The platform’s goal is to be the best brain in Asia and the world in general in executing a project that has never been executed before. It aims at making the world a better place by providing a solution to the problem of selling and buying insurance policies.