The Vetting and Screening Industry Explained

Modern society is fast paced and with so many people competing for the top positions, it is often necessary to make some enquires regarding an individual, which could stem from a potential employment or possibly the person is a new tenant and the landlord requires some verification. The screening process for these situations can be complex, and for those who might require such a service, here is a brief overview of a vetting and screening company.

Employment Checks

If an employer wishes to verify a potential employee, they can ask a screening company for a background check to be performed. This would involve a DBS online check, as with some positions that involve working with children or the elderly require some character verification, and this can easily be carried out when the applicant fills in the required forms and uploads their supporting documents, and within a short space of time, you would receive your DBS certificate. There are also criminal records bureau checking services, and this might be required if the applicant is to work with valuable goods or handle large amounts of cash, and you could also check on professional qualifications and certification should you feel the need.

Right to Work

With so many ethnic groups in the UK, it can be hard to know if a job applicant is telling the truth about their legal status, and in that case, you can arrange a check to verify that the individual is legally allowed to work in this country. The penalties for hiring illegal workers is very high, and it just isn’t worth the risk, and for what it costs, it is better to have peace of mind, knowing that your employee is a sound, moral person who can legally work for you.

Tenant Screening

A landlord might want to seek some verification regarding a potential tenant, and there are a number of ways this can be done. A criminal record check can be carried out, as could a financial screening of the individual, and with a professional vetting and screening company, you can tailor the package to suit your requirements.

Relationship Reports

If a person is about to enter into a relationship, they might feel the need to do some research into their new partner. We have all heard or read about the romance horror stories, after the event, when a person discovers the real identity of their partner, and for this reason, it is prudent to check on various things, such as, previous marriages or relationships, financial status, or signs of any fraudulent activity. In these modern times, there are many people who create a fictitious life to mask over their real agenda, and very often, these people are not exposed without some form of screening.

From an employer’s perspective, any position of trust requires the applicant be screened, and with a range of methods and techniques, it is possible to verify a business or individual to give you peace of mind.