Think about your marketing

Remove reviews from Google has been a service on the rise. Most people are not aware of the services agencies offer to the public nowadays. Depending on the industries that have been affected by negative reviews, it will have a bigger impact on some more than others.

We, as consumers, place a lot of emphasis on online reviews from strangers. It can mean the difference between a sale and moving on to your competition. So how can companies deal with these negative reviews?

The best way to tackle it is to communicate with the reviewer and get a better sense of what has happened and how to turn them into satisfied customers. If they are still not budging on their complaints and not trying to work with you, the public will see that they are being unreasonable.

But having negative reviews written about your company is just the way it goes. You may never know the expectations of every customer. A good tactic is to under promise and over deliver. This way, customers will be delighted at your services and keep coming back to you and refer your friends to try out your product.


Marketing is a big part of business operations. It is how you want the public to perceive you and what you represent.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of organizations that do not place a lot of emphasis on marketing. Sometimes marketing is placed in a silo and is treated as an end than a means to an end. Some activities include sending out emails, posting on social media, increasing the number of followers and subscribers. These are not goals but actions that have to be taken to measure success of a campaign.

When you think of the benefits marketing can bring your brand, they include things like creating a demand, promoting your brand, sell products and to build a relationship with customers. These metrics do not go back to the marketing function within an organization. With Google Analytics and other metrics, you can measure so many variables and try to understand what these measurements mean. It is important to measure what you can since to be as accurate as possible. If not it is easy to assume information and be wrong about something critical.

Instead of coming up with a post that is catchy, the more important variable to think about is what post increases business.