Tips to Grow Your Startup Business

Tips to Grow Your Startup Business

Avoid startup blunders, get more revenue!

Too many times, startup business is so successful in small size organization, but failed to grow up their revenue in bigger organization. Having 20 people in startup business having revenue of $10,000 would not get the multiplication into $100,000 revenue with 200 personnel. This could become one factor of why some essential step needs to grow your startup business.

Organizational view does not mean everything should be there to support each function. Sometime you face a difficult situation when you realize that one department is not giving more contribution when they are in bigger size, means that they should not be grown in same multiplication number as others. For example in engineering company, in order to accomplish larger job then increasing engineer personnel might be worthy, but enlarge IT support department in same multiplication size might not be necessary. So when it comes to difficult situation, you have to make a right decision to prevent startup blunders.

startup blunders

Aside from organizational point of view, you have also need to consider the type of your customers. Transaction happened if there is a demand, and sometime a demand need to be created. Identify the right type of your customers might define the direction of what kind of business you will have in the future. There might be some adjustment need to be done, but this should have a good acknowledgement of your customer’s insight.

In common, there are three types of customers, a tester, an adopter, and a scale. All of them has tendency to test and check the product by them. Sometime give a chance for them to give a feedback is better for you to see how they respond to your product or service. Do not use blind eyes in any of their feedback in order to prevent startup blunders; even though it gives a negative sight, it could be mean that you have to adjust a little bit of your product/service specification to get more satisfaction value.

Last thing is to keep everything in balance, especially about the time and momentum. Live every step with confidence, measure the risk and prepare. You also need to manage conflict sometime. Not to be so hurry, but also not so slow, otherwise you will miss the moment to grow. Managing 20 people in startup scale compare to 200 people in 10 multiplications would be a different thing. It could be needed for you to adjust your leading style if required.

Combination of right personnel in certain size of organizational grow, understand your customers type and need, then managing your moment are the three major things you have to prepare in order to grow your startup business. It could not be done in one night, unless you start it now.