Top Palladium Coins

There are many precious metals we know about, but Palladium isn’t that popular among jewelry, so many people haven’t heard of it. It is very similar to Platinum, but far less available because it is hard to get to in nature. There aren’t that many stores you can buy Palladium bullion because it is hard to get to needed purity.That are certain standards every precious metal needs to go through and the main is that it needs to have 99.95 percent fineness. It is interesting that it has to be bullion to be considered as rare.

Because you can’t find them in every shop you go to, it can be interesting to have it, but the price is almost the same as gold. You can get Palladium coins for someone as a gift from any online stores you find that have all the certification. It isn’t usual to invest in such a product, so it is better to consider other options.

Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

Royal Canadian Mint did a great job in promoting Maple Leaf by having it in every precious metal available. The first Maple Leaf coin made of Palladium came in 2005 with the limited offer of 40k coins. There was a big desire for them in the beginning, but they started to lower the amount in next years and came to 15k in 2007.

For some reason, Royal Canadian Mint didn’t produce any Palladium coins after 2007 which was a big mistake because there was a global demand for them from 2007-09. That was the time of the Great Recession and the worldwide financial crisis. They started again when they saw the potential and made as many as the market needed.It is hard to produce these coins because almost all Palladium is located in South Africa and Russia. Among all Maple Leaf series of coins, Palladium type is the rarest. Read more on this page.

Russian Ballerina Coin

Russian Ballerina Palladium coin is the last of all approved palladium coins from the IRS. Besides looking at it as an investment choice there is also a cultural and historical appeal. They are very important because they were made at the time when Soviets was falling apart. The Ballerinas are like a cultural beauty not only for Russian but many other countries.

They didn’t think much about the metal they will use because they have supplies for any type of coins. The Palladium was a great choice because Russians had 40% of world supply. They were made from 1989 to 1995 even when they lost the power they had in 1991, Russia still made it for four years. The demand was the highest when they stopped producing it because people knew that it was a precious piece of the empire that was the Soviet. There were only two types of this coin, 10 rubles, and 25 rubles.

Australian Emu Coin

An interesting thing about this coin is that it isn’t approved by the IRS even if they meet the required 99.95% of purity. The Emu bird is the biggest native Australian bird, but it isn’t considered as commemorative. They were made in 1998, but the problem occurred when they stated that only 2750 coins will be made in that year.

It doesn’t matter if they are approved because it still has the Palladium fineness it should, so it is still considered as an investment. It can also be used as a collectible. Perth Mind made many great coins and Emu coin is one of them. It was a bunch of elite members that make high-quality coins from many precious metals.

Isle of Man Palladium Angle Coin

The largest mint in Britain the Pobjoy Mint made these coins that are well-known among collectors. They wanted to make a perfect coin which they did because it had 99.99% of fineness. The only problem with high-quality coins like these was the number limit which was 1000 coins per year. Because this coin had everything to be considered as valid, it was backed by the government and from than viewed as respected and extremely rare. The symbol on the coin is the Michael the Archangel defeating a dragon. The illustrations on the coin were beautifully made, so the price is higher than most Palladium coins.