Top Tips To Follow For Warehouse Safety

As per statistical data for injury and accidents, a warehouse is the most dangerous place to work at! It is an industrial establishment where large machinery/equipment is always on the move carrying heavy pallets filled with all sorts of industrial or consumer goods.

Since warehouses play an important part in the industry, it is clear that people should be made aware of warehouse safety tips that will keep them away from harm while working.

Let’s take a look at top tips to follow for warehouse safety:

Make sure your workforce is adept at handling out-of-the-ordinary stuff

A typical warehouse worker might be aware that they have to either carry or run a machine to carry heavy pallets of products from one place to the other. Make sure that your workforce is also adept at handling irregular shaped items or items that are dangerous itself or is filled with substances that are either corrosive or hazardous. It is the duty of the warehouse manager to train the staffs of a warehouse on safe techniques to handle ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ loads.

Safety clips play an important role

A safety clip is a critical piece of equipment that keeps pallet racks stable and working. It often can get knocked off during loading and unloading operations and might find itself lying on the floor unnoticed until someone picks it up and puts it back in its place. It might not sound like much but an unstable pallet due to an absent safety clip could be the reason behind a fatal accident. Train your staff to keep their eyes peeled for such instances!

Make sure all hazardous items and areas are equipped with safety signs

Accidents are bound to happen when one is not paying enough attention! It can also take place if one fails to put up safety signs in all the hotspots in a warehouse or on items that are hazardous. Be sure that your warehouse is equipped with safety signs and don’t forget to train your workforce to learn the meaning of each sign!


Train your staff to be aware of their surroundings

What is the most common accident that leads to injuries and often to fatalities in warehouses!? Falls! It is common for a worker to lose their balance, slip on saw-dust from wooden crates or simply step on a broken catwalk which you forgot to label as unsafe after the same got damaged! All of these can be avoided simply by training your workforce to be aware of their surroundings! It is also advised to install sturdy guard rails on all catwalk and on gaps between floors. To keep your workforce on their feet, don’t forget to tell them the importance of keeping the floor of the warehouse clean. In case there is accidental spillage of any liquid or the floor is filled with sawdust, make sure the cleaning staff takes care of it as soon as possible. One can also install anti-slip tapes all across the floor(s) of a warehouse for enhanced traction for both equipment wheels and feet of their workers!

Warehouses are hazardous places to work and to be frank, all industrial establishments are! If one strictly implements the above-mentioned tips in their warehouse, they can improve the safety of their warehouse by many folds!