Trusted global mobile identity data as well as capabilities on one platform

The balance between best experience and smallest fraud is hard to find. Too much jeopardy means chargebacks that could offend your bottom-line. Too much safety means fewer clienteles and more unhappy clienteles. What is the balance? Knowing who is on the other end of the transaction is the finest start. For more info visit

Authentic data

Ipsidy lets you see who is on the other end of the transaction thus you can recognize the good guys you want to do trade with and the bad guys that you want toward avoid. And, using digital identities driven by eDNA™ technology, you could get a more precise picture of jeopardy to enable better client selection plus fewer denials of good clienteles. eDNA influences machine learning to not merely build identities however to also study them for the maximum accurate repute score likely. Our algorithms offer reputations for each entity custom-made for the business in which you do industry. And, we allow you to amend your risk procedure on the fly, adding in added checks where deserved.

Ipsidy platform is constructed around proved reliable data for a user from mobile network operators in addition to other commanding sources. All user data is accessed in a safe and private way with suitable mobile network operator permitted verification and end user consent. Ipsidy does not store any user info.

Strengthen your application through the client account lifecycle

From account formation to profile variations or from log-in to high worth transaction, defend each interaction through your application. Allow the suitable level of assurance as required by your trade at each point in the app flow.

Provide a seamless experience for your users by implied verification checks which keep the users in your application, however, maintaining top score security. Leverage platform abilities for example Phone Identification as well as Account Baselining to generate a robust authentication machinery. Click for more info

Fraudsters are playing the extensive game and continually evolving their policies. From synthetic individualities to account takeovers toward malware or spoofing, bad performers can wreak havoc on your bottom-line as well as your brand.

Prevent alongside these scenarios through leveraging key data plus capabilities from the Ipsidy Mobile Identity Platform for example data matching, phone identification account baselining, and proactive monitoring.

Ipsidy compliance solution

Ipsidy compliance solution usages authoritative live data from the mobile operators to minimalize risk exposure. Using real-time mobile carrier services for example Data Match, Account Status, as well as Account Tenure and numerous other attributes, Ipsidy aids, ensure that the phone number still belongs to the customer you are trying toward call or text. Moreover, Ipsidy monitors cell phone deactivations plus number transfers on a continuing basis to determine deviations in ownership.

Driving up customer acquisitions is critical for your trade while maintaining an excessive user experience. It is a tough tradeoff for trades of any type. Moreover, confirming that the data provided through your users is suitable for your trade is continually a challenging proposition. Ipsidy is a mobile-identity podium using biometrics that enterprises could adopt for definitive verification while defensive their users’ privacy.