Types and Sizes of Sandblasters

If you have a surface that needs to be refinished, you might want to look into different types of sandblasters. These are devices that use sand, or similar substances, to prepare different types of services for the refinishing process. Typically, the sand is propelled from a sandblasting gun, which is a special nozzle that is powered by pressure. The three main types of sandblasters are siphon sandblasters, gravity fed sandblasters, and pressure sandblasters.

Siphon sandblasters have a container of sand that is located below the nozzle. When the air is released from the nozzle, it sucks the sand out and blast it as well. Gravity fed sandblasters work due to gravity, as the name would suggest. Sand is put into a small container that is placed on top of the gun, which is also hooked to an air compressor. The trigger is pushed, and the air will blast full force out of the nozzle. Sand will also fall from the container and will blast out of the nozzle. Pressure sandblasters use pressurized canisters of sand. The guns are hooked to these canisters, and sand will be blasted out of the container when the trigger is pulled on the gun. These are often much easier to use than the other types of sandblasters.


Additionally, there are different sizes of sandblasters. There are very large industrial sandblasters that are mounted onto large trucks that are used for very large scale jobs outdoors, such as removing rust and paint from very large water towers or buildings. There are also large sandblasters that are smaller than the industrial size sandblasters but can still perform fairly large scale jobs. These often need to be mounted to other objects, such as cabinets or benches, for stabilization. These are often used for jobs such as removing old paint from sides of houses. They can be portable when they are mounted to wheeled carts. However, the sandblasters that are truly portable are mini sandblasters. Portable sandblasters can be used for detail work and in very tight spaces. Some of these portable sandblasters are small enough that they can be held right in your hand. They can be used for jobs such as removing old paint or rust from underneath a car before a refinishing job. Portable sandblasters can also be used to etch detailed designs on surfaces such as glass.

The type of sandblaster you will need for your job depends on the type of job you are doing. Most of the jobs that individuals are doing from their own homes will require the smaller sizes of sandblasters, which are typically portable. Portable sandblasters can be very helpful in these types of jobs, and they are convenient because you will be able to take them elsewhere as well when you need to use them in other places. There are many benefits that come with these types of sandblasters.