Want your business to appear higher on search?

Custom printed packaging tape is a product ecommerce companies are looking to start using. There are many advantages of using custom printed tape for sealing your packages. These range anywhere from reducing pilferage to making your package stand out and look more professional.

The most important step is first getting your customers to find your website online and get them to purchase from you. There are a lot of ways to you can be making search engine optimization mistakes and therefore missing out on potential business. One thing you can be lacking on is product descriptions. Since most e-commerce sites have a long list of products, it is not rare for these descriptions to be short, generic and uninteresting. If this is the case, it does not give search engines a lot to work with. If you look at the average length of words on a Google’s first result page, it is generally 1,890 words long. In fact, if you use content provided by manufacturers, it can hurt your site since it is duplicate content found on their end as well.

It also helps to have a reviews section on your webpage. There has been research done by Yotpo where they have tracked 30,000 businesses who have recently or already have user reviews on their site. They found that those businesses that started implementation have seen an organic growth in their page views of up to 30 percent after about nine months.

When thinking about how to write your product page, you even have to keep in mind other generic phrases or search terms customers may be searching for in order to find your product. It is recommended to do your research with the use of keyword tools and look into what competitors are using. If you are wondering just how many keywords to focus on for each page, the ideal amount is three to five. To optimize it even further, focus on the above-the-fold area of the page.

If you don’t already, it is a great idea to have a blog section to leverage the keywords you are optimizing. It would even give consumers a sense of what your company is all about and what kind of culture the organization has.

Another strategy used to gain more organic traffic is instead of focusing your efforts on money keywords, it is good to work on more informational phrases. This way, you can rank higher under these phrases and helps increase your site’s standing with search engines.