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As someone who knows a thing or two when it comes to businesses, we know the most important aspect would be our employees. They are the ones who help us carry on with one’s company which is why we must try to protect them at all costs. Which is why an individual or group medical insurance for Small Medium Enterprises is always needed?

How can we even have an individual or group medical insurance for Small Medium Enterprises to be a part of those well-known and trusted companies that ensure their employees’ safety as well? Well, with the technology and innovations of today, all of our answers can be simply answered through the power of the Internet. In one website that offers a variety of health insurance plans, Cigna, they have two kinds of employee benefits – local and global. These shall be the ones that we will get to look into further as we go along in this article.

The local small-medium enterprise employee benefits can give focus on individual or group medical insurance for Small Medium Enterprises. It’s known as a one-stop group medical package that is intended to be managed online to balance benefits and costs for startups. Now, let us get to the point of interest in this article – the benefits that employees receive once you try and plan to choose this kind of health plan. Cigna SMart Entrepreneur Group Medical Plan is the known one-stop group medical that, as mentioned earlier, can be managed online and is intended to balance necessary things such as benefits and costs.

medical insurance

This plan can help you out through the advanced chatbot which offers the essential product information, quotations as well as complete sales servicing. A benefit of venturing into this plan is that employees, as well as their spouses, are said to be eligible for anexclusive extended coverage up to the age of 69, all without the need for a re-assessment of their health. In addition to this, this plan can cover expenses, such as hospital and surgical ones, for both inpatient and outpatient. Moreoever, lastly, there is said to have no medical unwriting for some five or more employees.

Now, let us look further into the aforementioned benefits that are sure to help out an individual or group medical insurance for Small Medium Enterprises. First are the hospitalization and surgical benefits. This has a simple plan structure accounting to a lump-sum benefit limit of HKD 120,000 per disability, and it has an eighty percent reimbursement rate. The hospital cash for the Hong Kong Government ward bed is said to be valid and can cover up to 120 days, and the maximum amount per person insured is said to be HKD 400 per day. For the outpatient benefits, one is said to be able to achieve up to 30 visits per year for necessary visits to a general practitioner or specialist. The last crucial note to remember on this is that the number of employees of a certain company can be 5 to 50 employees.

Head on to this kind of insurance plan now, and we’ll make sure that we got you covered and that you got your employees covered.