When You Want Guests to Return, Clean and Fresh Is the Order of the Day

Cleanliness is on the mind of every guest who has strolled into a hotel lobby, the restaurant, or the room in which he or she will be spending the night. A person’s eyes immediately go to the condition of the floor, to the quality and cleanliness of the table linen, and to bed linens and towels. Spotless and white are the standard and if a guest sees something out of the ordinary, he or she will quickly make a judgement that may involve going to another location next time.

Your lobby is similar to the foyer and living room of your home, the first space that a visitor sees when he or she steps through the door. It’s essential for a hotel lobby to be perfectly clean and orderly in addition to having a design that creates an inviting atmosphere. Make sure that you have comfortable seating areas in a pleasantly lit area that puts your guests at ease.

Linen Contributes

Your guests expect and deserve clean linen. These items should be washed consistently and inspected closely for signs of wear. This applies to bed linens and towels because this is where your guests spend most of their time. But spotless, crisp linen is only part of the complete presentation. Your rooms should be as well-appointed as possible and should immediately give the idea that the room will be comfortable to be in.

Your linen-service provider is one of the most important partners that you have in your hospitality business. When you talk with your representative, have Stalbridge Linen discuss ways in which you can create a clean environment in your hotel .They can not only provide you with a dependable supply of high-quality items but they will work with you to make sure that your linen remains something that you’ll be proud to display (and have your guests use). Here’s the key: your linen should be washed thoroughly before any guest sees it and should be washed immediately after use so you have a habit of creating a clean atmosphere.

In addition to regular cleaning, linen should be inspected carefully and replaced on a regular basis. Even the most careful washing process won’t keep bed sheets and other items from losing their bright white appearance over time. Don’t expect your guests to sleep on linen that should have been retired and don’t ask them to use towels that are not spotlessly clean and comfortable to the touch. The investment that you make in this process will make a major contribution to your business’s bottom line.

Clean and Fresh

While your guests will spend the majority of their time in the main area of the room they reserve, they’ll spend a lot of important time in the bathroom. This area must be kept as clean as if it’s never been used before this particular guest walked in. Don’t assume that a quick cleaning will deliver this result. All surfaces should be washed and polished, including mirrors. Sink and shower drains must work flawlessly. Top off the cleaning process with placement of soft and fluffy towels, one of the most important and memorable items in any hotel room.

Individuals who come into your hotel use their eyes when they enter the lobby, the restaurant, and their rooms. They also make extensive use of their sense of smell. You can have the most gorgeous design and exquisite furniture but if something offends the guest’s nose, he or she won’t consider it clean and suitable for occupation. Pay particular attention to air circulation and ventilation along with using air fresheners in strategic areas.