worldwide coverage medical insurance plan Hong Kong

Why You Need A Worldwide Medical Insurance

A worldwide medical insurance refers to a type of insurance offered by insurance companies to people that are working in a different place for a long period of time. These people that avails these types of insurance calls themselves as expats. It can either be a company insurance or an individual insurance. Whatever that might be and and who ever your insurance provider is, one thing is certain, you need it if you plan to work in a different country.

Accidents happen everywhere, it doesn’t chose the date, the time and the place, it just happens. If you are a person working in a country that has a different dialect and a  different culture it pays to have a reliable insurance provider that can help you with regard to your medical expenses. It doesn’t really have any big difference to the usual medical insurance except that you will be covered even of you’re in another country.

It’s always confused with travel insurance:

Don’t make a mistake trying to mix travel and international medical insurance altogether because they are both different insurance plans. Travel insurance is geared towards the travelers, an insurance that helps with losses during a trip like luggage and assist in hospitalizations and other medical needs. Its coverage is mostly enough to get a traveler safely home, while international insurance is as mentioned above.

worldwide coverage medical insurance plan Hong Kong

Why you need one:

It’s always easy to be a skeptic why you really need one, it’s only if something bad happens that people mostly realize that in fact they need it. When you go out of your country of origin to venture into a new country for an opportunity, take the assurance with you that whatever happens you’re covered in any way possible. If you heard about some horror stories of expats getting into an accident without insurance in another country, that should be enough to make you get one.

It’s like a family medical plan:

When it was mentioned that it’s more like a medical insurance than a travel insurance is true, and this is one of it’s benefits. You can enroll your family with you. If this is not something that will not get you sold in getting an international insurance, nothing will. Just remember that that this is like any other insurance, you need to do your share of the legwork to get the best one for you and for your family.

If you plan to venture in Hong Kong as a expat, a worldwide coverage medical insurance plan Hong Kong by Cigna will be appropriate for you. Never make a mistake not to get one because this will give you an assurance on the things that will come unexpectedly. No one wants to lose their life for the very reason that no one tended to them because they cant pay for their medical expenses. They say that the survival rate of a cancer patient is only as good as how they can take the medication, the stages of cancer and their money, this is the same with people that has end stage renal diseases (ESRD) where a lifelong dialysis is needed if there are no kidney donors. Those things might happen or might not, but what is important is that you’re prepared for the worst.