Work of Claims and Contracts Manager in the Real World

A business runs successfully if all the employees are efficient and if they try their best to use their knowledge and skills in their work. There are a few companies that ensure that they hire only experienced personnel just so that they do not miss out on getting the right skill and aptitude of the industry.

Indeed, one would need and look for experience in manufacturing and construction sectors where one cannot rely wholly on the freshman to give the best inputs in handling such major facilities. In fact, the entire process of bidding for a project of public or private concern is a ball game that only people with great experience shall handle smoothly.

These days, construction firms handling civil engineering projects or construction projects of great repute shall have a claims and contracts manager like Lisa Dudzik who has 18 years of experience in this field. She shall be overseeing or monitoring big projects, which could be of building a residential or commercial complex.

A contracts manager like her would be monitoring one big project or contract at a time and ensure that right from the time its tender preparation, to evaluating risk to fulfilling it by complying all Government ordinances.

Whether it is the work of handling one big project or a few projects simultaneously, it is necessary to comply and work step-wise right from the first step to the last without skipping any in-between.

A good manager is one who knows that it is his or her responsibility to handle the labor pertaining to their job allocation. However, there would be department-wise overseers who shall be monitoring each of them. But it is essential that the contracts and claims manager takes great interest in finding out that these departments are functioning smoothly.

Talking of the knowledge and skill set that a claims and contracts manager should have, the top most is that of being open to learning. Each day would reveal a new challenge and handling each of these without fretting or panicking would make the job satisfying. The day, when a project gets over, and the manager gets to see that the final structure of a school, a hospital, or a highway, or even a railway line is ready and that too exactly as the blueprint, he or she shall get extreme happiness.

The job of a claims and contracts manager is where he or she shall be meeting people from a big range of class and community. There would be meetings with top tender issuing diplomats, to government or even high officials from a firm who are intending to build a complex, to meeting the supervisor of a labor team. In all, the contracts manager would never know how his interpersonal relation with all of them should come in handy.

All of these make people like Lisa Dudzik love her job and take pride in her accomplishments too. It is her great interest in learning and ambition that has helped her and claims and contract manager like her all these days.